• Minimum investment

    0.01 BTC

  • Instant payments


  • Investment round

    60 days

  • No fees


  • Daily interest


  • Affiliate program

    Up to 1.5% daily

  • Trust bitsave


  • Investment capital

    33.07 BTC

  • General
  • Investments
  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal
  • Security
Is Bitsave LTD registered?

Bitsave LTD is officially registered in the UK in 2017 and is an investment division of the Swiss financial corporation Bitsave AG, operating since 2011, with its head office in Bern. The company Bitsave LTD deals directly with investments in bitcoin and trades on the world's largest crypto-currencies exchanges.

Why is it profitable to invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin increased in price by 152% for 2016. According to most experts, the cost of bitcoin can reach $ 3000 in 2017. You can earn 180% in just 60 days by investing in Bitcoin's crypto currency through us.

Who can become an investor?

A citizen of any country in the world who has reached the age of 18 can register and open a deposit on our website.

Is there an affiliate program?

We have developed a unique affiliate program that allows you to earn from 0.5% to 1.5% per day from the deposit amount of the investors you invited. The percentage and the resulting partner rank depend on the total deposits amount of investors you invited.

For example:
Your referral invest 1000$.
Your comission as a Consultant is 0.5%, so you earn 5$ daily.
Deposit is active for 60 days.
60 days * 5$ = 300$.
In 60 days you earn 30% from your referral deposit.

Rank: Consultant
Total amount of deposits: 0.05 btc to 10 btc
We pay you: 0.5% per day from the deposit amount of the invited investor

Rank: Manager
Total amount of deposits: 10.001 btc to 25 btc
We pay you: 0.7% per day from the deposit amount of the invited investor

Rank: Director
Total amount of deposits: 25.001 btc to 50btc
We pay you: 1% per day from the deposit amount of the invited investor

Rank: Vice-President
Total amount of deposits: 50.001 btc up to 150 btc
We pay you: 1.2% per day from the deposit amount of the invited investor

Rank: President
Total amount of deposits: 150.001 btc and above
We pay you: 1.5% per day from the deposit amount of the invited investor

You can find your affiliate link in the back office after registering on our website.

How can I increase my capital with you?

Our team of traders carries out hundreds of transactions on the largest exchanges of crypto-currencies around the clock. They bring income up to 6% per day, which in turn allows us to redirect up to 85% of the income received to our investors' accounts.

Having opened the deposit BitGrow, you receive 3% per day for 60 days.

All accruals occur on your account balance every day. You can withdraw money at any time from the balance or use it as a savings account and earn additionally from 1% to 1.5% daily interest from the amount in your balance.

How does the savings account work?

Your balance on our website is also a savings account. If you do not withdraw funds from the balance, the profit is automatically accrued to the remaining active balance, according to the following schedule:

1st - 20th day: 1% per day
21st - 40th day: 1.2% per day
41d - 60th day: 1.3% per day
61st - 80th day: 1.4% per day
81d day and on: 1.5% per day

The withdrawal of funds from your account balance is immediate and can be made at any time upon your request.

How to become an investor and open a deposit?

To open a BitGrow deposit in the cabinet, click the "Open deposit" button, specify the amount of the deposit, the payment system you want to pay with and click "Create deposit" button. The system will then redirect you to the site of the payment system you specify, where you can pay. After the payment is done, the deposit will be created automatically. You will receive the first profit in 24 hours, which you can instantly withdraw from the account balance to your Bitcoin wallet.

How can I pay for the opening of the deposit?

You can open a deposit by paying through the payment systems Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, Payeer and AdvCash.
Your account balance, deposits and all statements on our site are displayed in Bitcoin currency only. When paying the deposit in dollars, the system will automatically recalculate the amount into the Bitcoin currency at the official exchange rate on the day of payment.

What is the minimum amount of the deposit?

The minimum deposit amount is 0.01btc

What is the maximum amount of the deposit?

The maximum deposit amount is 0.5 btc as of today. These limits will increase with time.

How many deposits can I open?

Investors can open as many deposits as they wish.

Can I open a deposit from the accumulated funds on the account balance?

Yes, just select "Balance funds" on the deposit creation page, instead of the offered payment systems. Deposit will be created automatically after clicking on the button "Create a deposit", and the necessary amount will be debited from your balance.

Is the deposit returned after 60 days?

No, it isn't, the deposit amount is included in daily profit payments. You will receive 180% in 60 days, where 100% is the amount of your deposit and 80% is net profit.

What is the new deposit bonus?

The management of the company decided to introduce a motivational bonus system for all new deposits made. The size of the bonus varies from 5% to 30%, which is automatically added to all your deposits that exceed the amount of 0.05 btc and is given at random, so no one knows in advance what amount of bonus will be received upon opening a new deposit.

How can I withdraw funds from the account balance?

The withdrawal of funds from your account balance is instant and can be made at any time upon your request.

The withdrawal of funds from your account balance is instant and can be made at any time upon your request.
To do this, click on the "Withdraw funds" button in the account, enter the amount in the Bitcoin currency, and click the "Withdraw" button.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 btc. The maximum sum for withdrawal is unlimited.
The withdrawal is instant.
If you withdraw into your Bitcoin wallet, please keep in mind that due to circumstances beyond our control, at the time when the blockchain blocks are overloaded it can take up to 24 hours until you can see the money in your Bitcoin wallet.
Also, in case of technical work on the server, during the debugging period, payments delays can be up to 48 hours.

Is there a commission for deposit and withdrawal of funds?

No, our company incurs all commission for deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Can I close the deposit ahead of schedule?

Yes, you can close your deposit at any time after the first 10 days. Be advised that a 30% fee will be withheld for early deposit termination.

How safe is your site?

Our server is protected by a powerful Ddos-guard system, which protects our site 24 hours a day from ddos attacks and hacking. Also, we underwent a comprehensive security check with GeoTrust, as evidenced by the EV SSL security certificate issued to us, which has the highest degree of encryption of your data (GreenBar SSL).

What if I forgot my password?

Click on the "Login" button on the main page, then go to the "Remind password" link. Enter your email address and the system will send your password to the email address you specified during registration.

How can I change my profile information?

Click the "Settings" link in your account and change the required fields. Please note that the Bitcoin wallet and email can only be replaced by contacting support. This measure is introduced for added security of your data and facilities in the back office.

What if I lost access to my email?

Please contact our support service specifying all your details. We will try to help you and restore access to the account.

Can I have more than one account?

Each investor can have only one active account on our site. If multiple registrations are detected, all such accounts will be blocked.

Can I register family members from one IP?

Yes, you can. The only limitation is that their accounts cannot be registered with your affiliate link.

How to contact you?

If you have not found the answer to your question, you can contact us through the online support service on the site, as well as by email, filling out the form on the contact page or by writing us to Skype and Telegram chat.

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